(Tackled on the soggy bedding, doubled up with laughter, breasts like molded gelatin, buttocks buoyant, limbs askew, the sounds and images, tastes and smells, the novel titillations, play)... or re-play, rather, splash themselves through Morgan's smitten brain, through city streets, abandoned, as he pedals briskly homeward, as he listens to the sprocket clicks while coasting, as he glides, avoids a dew-slick manhole cover, climbs a gentle incline, navigates an underpass, then leans to take a curve, virile in his body language, charged as by electrodes, sweating beads of hormones like a stallion, happy, free, the night air making pennants of his shirttails, pant legs flapping, though the wind is rather calm, the chill invigorating, SPEED; acceleration simulating racing expectations (will he see her?), good intentions (get to know her?), firm resolve (perhaps commit to something, someone who can love without exception?). Hums from traffic signals, telephone wires, transformers break the silence, then a siren howls, gives instant chase, responds to a shrill alarm, as Morgan crosses a parking lot, its oil spots bouncing moonbeams, (not a solitary follicle between her thighs); he veers; a patch of broken glass assaults his tires, (so tight it suctioned); intersection looming, Morgan slows (prehensile), brakes (like Chinese handcuffs), turning west, he rides a while no-handed, cups his frozen fingers, tries to thaw them with his breath...

...at which point doubts displace enthusiasm, sex, if unprotected (Morgan shifts into a lower gear), is not a worthwhile risk (his legs feel leaden; vim and vigor bow to lactic acid build-up). Unforgivable! Inexcusable! He had even gone prepared. Was he so awestruck by anatomy (hers admittedly superlative), that he let himself be stripped of common sense as well as pride? He played the stud, then she dismissed him. Made no offer, made no promises, simply let him take his ten-speed from her car's trunk and depart, her farewell fond but sounding final (home he cruises).




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