In the kitchen, before lunch, Master and servant meet for a second time.

            Look peaked, Massah do. Prob'bly don' rec'lec' what him was at.

            Jewel attempts to leave; Beulah apprehends her.

            "Jewel? Jewel, where you goin'?"

            "To de privy, ma'am."

            Beulah lets her go... (Ackin' funny, that gal is) ...then attends to Zachary, who ignores the departing slave.

            "Got those sandwiches ready, Beulah?"

            "Yes, suh. I puts 'em in dis sack. I add some fruit an' a piece o' sweet cake, case yo' hungrier dan you look."

            Dis boy done wrong o' somethin'; ackin' funny, too. Call to mine dat time him little an' watch Donner croak chickens. Donner gots dis special twis'—real quick an' easy-like—so course young Zach'ry Squire gots try hisse'f. Skulk 'roun' all nex' day 'til him finely come confess—kilt fo'teen chickens, him did. Well, suh, Beulah know him late gettin' home las' night, an' judgin' by dem footsteps none too sober, neit'er. Prob'bly done some mischief what likely him regret.