aji - chili pepper

apu - gods

awicho - mummies and human remains (grandfathers)

ayarachi - a musical ensemble

chuspa - multicolored bag of woven wool profusely decorated and fringed with threads

chinkaripuchinku - the disappearance or burial

chujcharutuchi - the haircutting ceremony usually before a child's 7th birthday

chuo - dehydrated potatoes

compadres - friends

frailita - yellow-winged butterfly

hallpa hapinapak - part of a ceremony to safeguard and satisfy the earth

Hanan Pacha - The Upper World

huancabamba - region in northern Peru and southernmost Ecuador where the Central and Northern Andes diverge

illa - a tiny alpaca

ira - panpipes with two rows of six pipes which usually play the melody line

iskaykapun - what was once one now is two but the two are like parts of a whole

kanahushan - when the alpaca lifts its tail

kilo - bitter cold with a darkening sky

kupakuy - to hit hard

kankachu - alpaca, llama, or sheep quarters roasted directly over coals

kanti - small wooden spindle

Kay Pacha - This World

khakaykuy - to imprison

khencha - an evil omen

khuya - bad luck

kunitan - right now

kuntur - condor

llijlla - woven shawl displaying elaborate embellishments made in two halves

luli - a small bird

makin aysarin - transferring powers and secrets of the profession to future practitioners

mayturapun - weakness of the arms and legs

mestizos - non-indigenous people

mikhuna - boiled water with potatoes and other tubers

misti awa - alpaca with light, almost blue eyes

naupa runa - very ancient men

palabranmantan - marriage contracted by parents

papalisa - high-altitude tuber

paqo - practitioner of spells and cures

paqarina - holes in the earth through which dead spirits communicate with the living

para pesqo - rain bird flies in harried and rapid way, and forms groups upon sensing rain

phorga - alpaca with extra toes thought to be lucky thus highly prized

phuka - most powerful and feared wind of the high outback

phuti - boiled water with native tubers and grain

pisititu - a little

sankayo - cactaceous plant with beautiful flowers

suri - alpaca producing finer wool, heavier, longer, and shinier

takankay - dissolving a marriage

tika - flowers

toktochi - flour and water with milk and eggs fried in oil

tutukas wayra - strong wind in the peaks of the cordillera that bellows and roars

tuwi - newborn alpaca

Ukhu Pacha - The Inner World

wallkita - small woven bag containing herbs hung around an animal's neck for protection

warmisitunta - a girl who has reached womanhood

wayna qajcha wayra - another name for a very strong wind

yawal longani - alpaca or llama intestines stuffed with blood, flour, and salt

zampoa - panpipes