OongKa, OongKa, OongKa… the pair was at their bawdy business again… Ka exuding an acrid musk that Oong was wont to smear over his entire body, snout first, nuzzling sultry nether parts and armpits like a kitten in the throes of sniffing thrills from a catnip mouse… Ka presenting herself autonomically, hormones on the loose like wanton de-inhibitors, laying genitalia bare, twin buttocks irrepressible, bulging a la helium-filled balloons… Oong’s reservoir of semen seeming vast to inexhaustible, each amorous thrust squirting copious spurts like spouts from a surfaced whale… like milk from a coconut fed through a tumid straw, to Ka, ingested hungrily, as she clawed the ground, raked loam, and chewed on random vegetation (whatever she could grasp and gnash with masticating molars), climax lasting past distraction in her lust-besotted state… while Oong, compelled to take a break between grand mal ejaculations, recouped enough sobriety to examine Air for risk, a coast-clear absence of distressing odors spurring re-immersion into Ka’s risqu� endowments, her inebriating sap… secretions far too indiscreet to keep their secrets, pheromones leaching, essence wafting from magnetic loins as an aromatic fume… invading thicket, fern frond, brush and nettle, pungent invitation for an appetite on the lookout, coaxed from its skin-and-bone strewn lair; a saber-toothed tiger yawned its kinks out, nostrils flaring, sampling, savoring, disposition rather mangier than his sulfur-colored fur (itself beset with scars from many a kill, each spirited altercation having left irregular grooves the length and breadth of its ravaged hide), flies camped in clusters round the driveling jowls, suggesting putrefaction that might put to death as surely as a windpipe-severing chomp, hence doubly lethal, twice as noxious to potential victims, loathsome, save to him grown used to stinking like the flesh on which he gorged, grown old, presumably, one step slower than his former, fleeter food source, yet equipped with weapons adequate for discouraging competition (once a meal lay horizontal) from its indisputable theft, resigned to living out his days as a lowly scavenger. Anything would do; a pair of over-sexed apes, for instance—Oong and Ka in mortal danger as the stalking feline closed upon their antics unawares, his shoulders bunched on either side of a head held absolutely level on advancing through a patch of brambles, belly to the soil, docked tail atwitch with expectation, ambush imminent—inescapable—should the copulating couple fail to look before they leaped, dash left when right alone would spell salvation, coitus interruptus the ironic… OongKa, OongKa, OongKa… factor for reprieve, the fate of future Simian generations hinging on a reflex, on its forebears’ flinch at an untoward sound in time to break their loin-lock.

Ka, the first to sense disaster, froze (infatuation draining).

Oong, reacting to his partner’s fright, caught wind of an unclean scent.

Perhaps a second’s indecision would have guaranteed an outcome that found sperm from egg forever parted—doomed to feed the kitty.

Lo, guffaws, instead, rained jointly from the overhanging foliage.

The tiger had caught neither, zilch—save a pomegranate’s beaning as the couple dislodged fruit in climbing headlong up a tree, their heartbeats racing, tempers giddy at the predator’s spoilsport pacing; still reluctant to accept ineptitude, leave the pair in peace, its paws propped half way up the trunk, claws shredding bark in sheer frustration, His (most ineffectual) Majesty beat a less than grand retreat, halt gait indicative of a past-prime monarch—limp pronounced, pace indolent—making mental note (in the prehistoric dimness of his brain) to rip the next ape he encountered limb from impudent limb.

OongKa, OongKa, OongKa… unplanned parenthood thus resumed, if at a more propitious altitude… Oong’s redundant penetrations no incentive for surcease… despite Ka’s hypertrophic labia feeling rubbed raw,

nightfall threatening,

shadows darkening,

bats replacing birdlike reptiles on the wing,

as Twilight’s hush became a hubbub fueled by supersonic chitchat,

Oong’s embrace alerting Ka to something altogether changed (since Juke’s aborted stabs at mounting her fell short of impregnation thanks to Ka’s belated estrus)… Oong, by contrast, seemed protective (Ka held tightly to his chest hair), domination less a burden, more a comfort (felt him quake) though hoots and hollers, grunts and groans, were all the grammar each exhibited, thoughts confined to ‘that feels good,’ ‘that hurts’ (with variations).

To assume that simpler-minded creatures therefore lacked intelligence—Oong and Ka were sub-moronic, true, but not so thick as bricks—would be erroneous; both were more akin to books comprised of pages on whose blanks ‘Word One’ was yet to be inscribed.