crows solar

War, that uniquely hominid habit of wholesale homicide, wherein men kill men, boys kill boys (women and girls both privy and party to the virile slaughter), underwent a miraculous denouement—a blood bath, in most instances. Battlefields reeked of butcher blocks the wide world round. Wherever there was combat, combatants died in droves, morality run a foul of mortality as it compromised flesh and sinew. Yet ‘how’ these soldiers and civilian-accessories ended their lives took unprecedented twists.


Cases in Point

munitions eradicated assemblers

at the source of their assembly

dexterity detonated

blown to Kingdom Come in a crimson hail of displaced digits

anti-personnel mines gutted the guts

of Manufacturers

whose heretofore guiltless consciences

—"people kill people, not armaments"—

left them buried

crew-cuts first

in anonymous plots of sand

what went around came around

in tight concentric circles

violence visited upon the violent-by-proxy

as well as upon the violent-by-volition

a poetic pruning depopulating the planet

of people predisposed to chronic pugnacity

entire family-tree branches lopped off at the trunk

("Owl-Eyes" not so much a cure as an assault

on belligerent forms of blight)


from every aggressor

executed sharp U-turns

a Boomerang Effect

in effect

that proved somewhat tardy

in clobbering collective conscience into attentiveness

(it took months for the Mind of Man to wizen up

recognize doing harm was an un-survivable avocation)

"good guys"

"bad guys"


blew out their brains with dim determination

(the Dis-ease even-handed)

anyone bent on hurting anyone else

without exception

hurt himself instead

(or herself instead)

a simple concept in theory


put into practice

veered toward complex

Humanity at a loss

under such an unbending rule of thumb

until resigned to the proposition

that Humanity had no choice

which happened gradually

due in part to the epidemic’s somewhat staggered commencement

(sneezed from latitude to longitude

the contagion’s spread took time)

and in part to the Will resisting the idea

that its freedom had been curtailed

(as impunity hastened Judgment Day

souls were doled comeuppance

without procrastination)

Rampant resistance resulted in rampant retaliation

(tit for tat rather tidily proving self-contained)

malefactors authored their own epitaphs

death dealers rolled up their sleeves

to dig their own graves



for the first time in centuries

—in millennia—





"I keep tellin’ ya; ya launch that thing we’re dog meat. Open yer eyes and ears. Not a shot’s been fired by them at us, or us at them, since Tuesday. This is Thursday. Two whole days and not one casualty; ’cept from what? Friendly fire; that’s what."

"You’re nuts. Them guys got wasted ’cause they’re careless, or just plain stupid."

"Pullin’ pins to watch grenades go off in yer hands is worse than stupid."

"Okay, shell-shocked, prob’ly."

"What about them; the opposition; what’s their story? Same damn thing; you seen the flashes, heard the boom, boom, booms."

"That’s our guys."

"Uh, uh; theirs. The booms and flashes all go one, two. Can’t you count? They don’t leave site. The shit they’re shellin’ out is stayin’ at home; just like ours is; neither side ’s doin’ nothin’ but snuffin’ out their Goddamn selves."

"You’re REALLY nuts; you know that, Asshole? I’m a soldier. They’re the enemy. I get paid to wipe them out before they wipe out me; that’s basics."

"Okay, Mr. Basics, where are we, in reference to where they are? You’ve just punched in our coordinates."

"See! You got me screwin’ up! Just shut your Goddamn trap and let me do my job, why don’t you!"

"Okay, do it. We’re at 17/12. They’re at 8/37."

"Copy; 8/37."

"Then how come you just…"

"Son-of-a-bitch, back off! It must be broke! I entered 8/37."

"17/12; I watched."

"Fuck you; it’s busted!"

"Touch that button, we’re both…"

Dog meat

puppy chow

food for thought

or for the ubiquitous crows.