ho address, in which language, and to what end? Americans, I have decided, in English, to speak of matters true, with words that will, without doubt, be discredited, for I must contradict what heretofore was/is ‘known’.

By all the world’s religions, I have been misrepresented. Faith requires belief in that which cannot be proved. Faith therefore is inherently problematic. Argumentative, too, as demonstrated by people whose doctrines differ. Fierce are those convinced that theirs is right.

Books are often cited, texts to Me attributed. Never, before this one, have I authored any tome. Humans quoting Me invariably quote themselves.

Were I light and the minds of Mankind prisms, each might serve to splinter beams perchance to comprehend my spectrum. But I am not analogous, neither to light nor to any other phenomenon.

With regard to life’s creation, I likewise claim no authorship. Stories to the contrary can only be viewed as ‘quaint’. Science best explains, to date, the origin of everything—albeit incompletely. Theories yet un-posited will clarify more in time. Inquiry is to Man what flight is to accipiters.

Worship has been deemed apt deference due to Deity. Nothing could be further from My desires—for having no desires I am immune to adoration. This applies to prayer, which I neither countenance nor heed. Proud is Man’s assumption that God lends each an ear. Ears I also have none; physical features belong to you 'corporeal' creatures.

Soul, I will concede, is a slightly different matter. Scarcely independent from the body, soul does exist. Akin to imagination the soul conceives possibilities, hatching explanations of reality that often stray from plausible. Soul, more then any other attribute, intuits my veracity (more on this later).

Real though I might be, engaged I am seldom, which is not to suggest that Mine is an Absolute indifference. Why, were that the case, would I chose to intervene? Especially why direct said intervention to a singled-out populace? Power recognizes power, it is reasonable to suppose; America’s power is supreme—momentarily—and as such is the variety recognized as most potent. Omnipotent it is not, however, hence prone to ostentatious flexing—‘justified’, perforce, as obeisance to Me. Once again I disavow collusion with any such coercion. For what you do unto yourselves you have yourselves alone to blame. Murder, mayhem, genocide, torture, war—done often in My name—are actions that incriminate their perpetrators solely. Alas, humans have ‘evolved’ to be the earth’s most violent species. Disclaiming evolution, incidentally, disowns a gentler Genesis; ‘primitive’ Man behaved with much less spleen.

Conscience, once it dawned on Homo sapiens, indicted certain acts—not by conscience caused—as villainous. Conscience, like the soul, is an aspect of intelligence. It monitors Man’s behavior and passes judgment inwardly. It passively discriminates between right and wrong. For the most part, it is taught and therefore varies culture to culture. Its root however is common, thus fundamental, and can be expressed by ‘fair is fair’. From this shared inkling, all morality necessarily follows.

Choosing to act wrongly as opposed to rightly is a function of ‘Free Will’—a term defining instinct when possessed of a complex nomenclature. I had nothing to do with this physio-linguistic development. Furthermore, it has never been my purpose to punish or reward. Mankind’s thinking otherwise is another symptom of egocentricity. Fairness does, indeed, presuppose justice, which is either done or not done on a temporal plane. Look not to Eternity for that which Mankind itself must adjudicate; that which ye shall sow, verily ye shall reap, yet only within the timeframe lifespan allots.

Death denotes cessation. THERE IS NO HEREAFTER, I hasten to inform you. Refusal to accept this natural fact is a popular abnegation. One can gauge enlightenment or lack thereof on the basis of said certainty. Human beings, like every other life form, are and then are not—conscience, soul, and metaphysical musings notwithstanding. Humans decompose—lest preserved artificially—elements piecemeal pulled or weathered apart, to be used, recast, recycled, or otherwise recombined.

Obvious though this is to anyone the least bit observant, masses upon masses of individuals deny death daily. How account for such near-unanimous irrationality?

Consciousness is the culprit, the promoter of life-after-death mythologies that display striking similarities when examined in detail. But what each myth describes is less significant than the urge to misperceive. Consciousness resists its logical termination, ratifying fairytales to the detriment of actuality, putting faith in Faith to avoid the test of proof, believing with a stubbornness spurred by existential dread—because Sentient Beings abhor their own demise, fabricating alternatives from farfetched to fantastical.

Enough said. What follows is a parable with practical applications: