made all the difference

merely three seductive syllables

breathed at close range into ear

or mutely mouthed toward errant eye

a declaration crude yet eloquent

in its unabashed simplicity

an admission

a confession

words that wooed allured beguiled

enticed each listener like a tentacle of lust

expelled compunction

set libido loose to conquer qualms

eclipse resistance


give vent to secrets locked in shadow boxes

kindle raw obsessions

curry favor with iniquity

foster decadence


engender falsehood indiscretion sin

immodesty to adultery

for the dissolute delight

of Prue's



BORN Prudence Lachrymore
AGE ever-young
COMPLEXION rather ghastly

prior to dusk

transformed to rosy-cheeked

by dawn

for Prue resuscitated


in a ruddy consummation

in a feral consanguinity

in a rouged amour

by night

for which relations
kith and kin
were aptly infamous
living legends
a fraternity slash sorority of impatient souls
their loathsome lineage bent on no-holds-barred longevity
an immortal cult both ancient and macabre

SCENE San Francisco
TIME the never-ending present

in as much as past and future are like portals

doors ajar

through which we peer at where we were

to where we gather we are going

disinclined to be forever where we are

Nob Hill on Hyde Street


in femme-fatale attire

precedes an all-too-willing consort

having voiced her provocation

with a wink of concupiscence

shaped its vowels

pronounced its consonants

sealed the fate of him in heat


he follows

bulge conspicuous down his pant leg

pace expectant

in pursuit of click-clack-click

her spiked-heels keen

her buttocks taut

her waist elastic in its leather laces

armpits seeping pheromones

wake a musky invitation to debauchery

duty free

since Prue has spurned his proffered payment

what she does she does for sustenance

what she does she does for pleasure

in that thirst once quenched exults

obliged to siphon johns

whose jugulars throb

like hyperactive egos

Prue takes aim

and aims to please

though seeks her target

further south

approach unorthodox

albeit safer than a bite to throat

less awkward

more agreeable


Tom or Dick or Harry

him in tow

who finally halts

stands arms akimbo

fly un-zippered

Prue magnetic

fangs protruding

tongue extended


to tender



his groin engorged with excitation

Prue inured to all but chow

perceives its scent

engulfs its conduit

sphincters squeeze

she claws

he groans

her nails distract him

from the prick of her corporeal incisors

deftly sunk

he fails to notice

tapping pulse

his muscles cinch

she sucks

he gasps

she sucks

he yields

she sucks

his spurting seed is hemorrhaged

floods her gullet

swamps her bloodstream

like a hit of heroin


his crimson semen saps a lap

that he abandons to her gluttony

wits oblivious

his depletion

her renewal

his ebb

her tide

each wave of ecstasy

a weakening

every throb

a loss of vigor

rigor mortis on the menu

Prue imbibes



his life signs falter

hers rejuvenate

post-orgasmic he diminishes

she enlarges like a tick

he slumps

she swells

he swoons

she feeds

Prue drinks his essence to the dregs

as he surrenders

loses consciousness


then resurrects the phrase

that forms his epitaph



and yet


even onto death

*     *      *